Copays and Sick Days

Twice this week I was explicitly reminded of my blessings.

Watching a news story, I was reminded about people who have no sick days that are forced by circumstance to either be a public health menace by going to work and spreading germs, or take unpaid time off…possibly even risking the loss of their job.

This as I was amazed at the fact that my latest time and leave statement showed that I have accumulated over a month in sick time.  I count that a blessing.

Later that week I had a shock at the doctor’s office when they announced that my co-pay had gone up to $40 PER VISIT!  While I did give them a side eye, and make a mental note to check my medical benefits package – I was overwhelmed with gratitude by the fact that I was able to hand over my debit card to pay the fee.  I would have to factor that into my budget, but I wouldn’t have to choose between eating or seeing the doctor.  For that, I’m truly blessed.

I count my blessings, and it’s one of the ways that I choose to maintain a little perspective.  Sometimes we get caught up in the circumstance and busy-ness of the every day, and let the little chances to offer up a praise and thanks for even the smallest blessings pass us by.  We have a tendency to go straight to the negative – murmuring and complaining.

I try instead to take a moment to temper my response by considering the alternative….that does indeed make all the difference.

There is, clearly, a larger conversation about the state of our health care system, and issues of access and equity – all of which I’m interested.  But for the moment I’m just inspired to offer up a prayer, thanking God for my blessings and praying for those that are less fortunate – praying for their protection and for His provision…I believe that also makes all the difference.


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