Is your love big enough?

I used to believe love was big enough to mediate any actions that would cause harm…I’m no longer under that delusion.

For me, love is huge when it’s real – it’s too big to be contained between four walls or even between two people. It spills out and intertwines itself with every aspect of your life.  There is no decision you could make that would not be under the influence of love…because that’s what love does.  It takes over, it’s invasive and pervasive in the very best ways possible.  You strive to do things because you know it will bring your love joy, and stay away from doing things that break their heart.

Love creates boundaries with it’s boundlessness.  Without ever having met your love, or heard the utterance of their name, their presence looms too large to ignore.  It’s mere existence commands respect, and anyone in it’s presence dare not cross the line out.

I’ve since come to realize that not everyone allows love the same influence…apparently their love isn’t big enough.

I guess I should have asked –



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