What if You Fly?

what if you fly

Has God ever blown your mind? Opened your eyes to your own potential, in such an awesome way that it’s hard to believe? Have you let Him?

Not everyone has a sense of their own potential. But there are some times, whether you are in active pursuit of it or not, that God will give you a taste of the “milk and honey” that lies within your reach…and even just that taste on the very tip of your tongue has you running for the hills.

We get a glimpse of potential opportunities, and it’s meant to be a motivating factor…not an intimidation. But so many times, rather than becoming excited and inspired, we respond out of fear and skepticism – the expectations too great, the “ask” too big, the responsibility too much, the possibility of failure too real.

Fear is a powerful motivator. Fear can be paralyzing and stop you right in your tracks. Fear can cause you to act destructively and self-sabotage. Fear can make life sized adversaries appear to be giants. Fear can make all your dreams feel like nightmares. Fear is a mind killer.

How do we learn to face those fears? What does it take to respond with positivity? When do we realize that we are actually well equipped to conquer those giants?

God knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what we are able to handle, because he has designed and equipped us to be able to do so. But we have to be ready to allow Him to continue to blow our minds again and again…which He will if you let Him.

I’m ready to accept those things that seem too good to be true. I’m ready to conquer the giants that appear too big to face. I’m ready to put my fear aside and jump head first into pursuing the opportunity…and I’m ready to let God blow my mind!





I’m learning to be brave enough to explore the quiet spaces that make me uncomfortable. The silence can be deafening, but if you search for the peace in it, instead of trying to fill it with life’s noise, you’ll find that healing lives there…